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Found a Stray Animal ?

What to do if you find a Stray Pet?

Golden Rule – Your Safety First.
If you see a stray on the street while driving, please consider your safety first before even getting out of your car.
Only approach a pet if you are familiar with that type of a pet and it looks friendly to you.
A lost pet will be scared and it is more likely to be aggressive in that state so please be extra careful while approaching
Email us on as soon as you find a stray.
You can even contact your local council.
Never, ever, ever approach a dog or cat from behind, make sure the pet can clearly see you.
If you see a bird in your backyard or on street that looks tame, please approach it slowly and say Hi, Hello calmly and if the bird looks responsive or calm then take a stick or use your hand where the bird can stand.
For birds, take it inside a room or something and close the doors, offer some water and seeds and contact us.
For dogs and cats, put them in well contained backyard, front yard or room and keep them away from your family members.
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