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Handy Hints


Prevention is better than Cure :

A dog or cat with a collar containing owners contact details is a good start.
Train your pet not to go outside of certain boundry.  For a dog or cat it could be your front yard, for a bird it could be your bedroom.
Make sure that their boundries are physically not crossable.
Encourage your pet to stay inside a safe area at night.  For dogs and cats this could be indoors and for birds this could be in their cages.
Animals get aggressive when they reach a mature age.  Desex your pet to prevent any unwanted aggression.
If you are going to leave your pets in someone else’s care, please guide them properly on how to handle the pet and their needs.
Always microchip your pets.
Lastly, always keep our number somewhere handy and please pass it on to your friends if they are going to mind your pets.  This way we can attend to an emergency promptly.
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