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How we find your lost pet
So here is a scenario : You are in your daily routine where you go to work, come back, play with kids and your pet.  One day when you come back from work your beloved family member – your pet is not where he/she should be.  You try to look in and around the house and then start panicking as you just realized your pet has gone missing. 

Then you go through a number of possibilities in your mind, where could your pet have possibly gone, how could have your pet gone out side, was the door open?, how long ago did could have happened?, more importantly is my pet safe right now?  Is he possibly going to panic and run in any one direction?

Here is where we come into the picture.  You give us a call or visit our website and an experienced lost pet consultant will get in touch with you within minutes to discuss the situation.. 
There are number of things that we undertake to find your pet, such as :
An experienced Pet Search Consultant will contact you ASAP to discuss the situation and prepare a best plan of action. This includes Internet and Street precense of your lost pet details which will maximise your chance of inding your lost pet.
We will send you 25 Full Colour - Lost Pet Posters through Express Post. These posters will have your pet's picture and instructions if someone has seen your pet.
We will provide you with soft copy of a ‘Lost Pet’ poster for your pet, and we will guide you on which are the best spots for you to display those posters.
Based on our findings such as type of pet, type of breed, how aggressive/friendly it is, etc we will create a plan of actions.
Based on the plan of actions we will guide you on how to go about and look for your pet most effectively.
We will advertise your pet’s picture and description in our Lost Pets section, which is regularly visited by a number of pet lovers. Anyone over the internet can go to your listing and provide you with any information that they may have.
We will email you a Lost Pet Poster with your pet's picture and instructions. You can print these and post them in/around your area.
We will email your ‘Missing Pet’ description with picture to our subscribers in and around your suburb. This way likeminded pet lovers can keep an eye for your lost pet or help you with posters etc...
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