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  Midnight Adventure of Mr Nelson
Nelson, our 15+ year old mixed breed dog, escaped from our yard via the golf course on Saturday November 28. Our Daughter Kim was distraught, which was a surprise coming from a 20 year old, she said, “Just when I just started to love Charlie he goes missing.” So, we started looking around for help and a friend of us knew Lets Find Your Pet and told us to contact them immediately. We did that and Lets Find Your Pet then printed and distributed signs in the neighborhood announcing “Lost Dog” and to contact us if found, contacted local council and local pounds and shelters. 4 hours later, a gentleman who was 8 km away from our home saw Mr Nelson, contacted Lets Find Your Pet as he saw the missing pet poster in his area. Gotta be more careful from now on
  Mikey's Long trip from Home
  Hello, just wanted to inform you that Mikey is back home safe and sound. Mikey was at Woodlake area, quite a long way from home, he had been going into someones yard for food that they left out for there cat which is missing also and mikey was hiding in the park next door and coming to there house for food. Carl the man that called me, seen the add in the western australian paper yesterday and wondered if the cat was the one in the lost cat add, this morning Carl went down to Woodlake shops and he saw the poster with Mikey"s picture and wrote down my number, and rang me today, Carl said that no-one could get near him soon as they stepped outside he just ran away and hid. Carl sent me a picture he took of him with his phone and I was so happy to see it was him, I called my husband and he left work sraight away to go to try to catch him. I work away in the mines, and I have felt so helpless here, The food thing you suggested really does work though even if its at someones else's house. I only hope these Cal ad there family find there lost cat too, I have told them to contact you and all that I did, kind regards
  Sarah's neighbourhood camping trip
  I found her late last night in my backyard (but not really my backyard). I live in townhouses which are terraced into hillside/cliff and she was in a bottom terrace/overgrown area. She had been away for 12 days and she certainly wasn't there before as I looked everyday and moved every bush. However I went out again last night about 8.30pm with a torch and was softly calling her and I heard a meow and she was hiding under shrubbery. 

She was so close to home and the back door was open not sure why she was hiding there. Anyway she was scared and very skinny. I brought her inside and feed her and she was very happy. All good news in the end. She is at home relaxing by the heater with lots of food and drink for her to eat as she pleases and she can't escape. Thanks for yoru help. Regards Jan 
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